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Judgement thumbnail
Judgement eAudiobook
Edie Baylis / Annie Aldington

Samantha Reynold and Seb Stoker are looking forward to the future together. With all the recent tria..

Wish You Were Here thumbnail
Wish You Were Here eAudiobook
Nicola Monaghan / Kitty Kelly

Former police officer and DNA expert Dr Sian Love has settled into running her own detective agency ..

Seven Days to Die thumbnail
Seven Days to Die eAudiobook
Michelle Kidd / Simon Mattacks

A woman's body is discovered in Hyde Park. Wearing only one shoe. Close by Detective Jack MacIntosh ..

Red Dirt Road thumbnail
Red Dirt Road eAudiobook
S.R. White / Helen Walsh

In Unamurra - a drought-scarred one-pub town deep in the outback - two men are savagely murdered a m..

The Port Fairy Murders thumbnail
The Port Fairy Murders eAudiobook
Robert Gott / Adam Fitzgerald

1943: The newly formed Homicide division of the Victoria Police has been struggling to counter littl..

The Autumn Murders thumbnail
The Autumn Murders eAudiobook
Robert Gott / Adam Fitzgerald

In the autumn of 1944 George Starling prepares to exact revenge on the person he hates most in the w..

Abandoned in Death thumbnail
Abandoned in Death eAudiobook
J.D. Robb / Susan Ericksen

Three young women have gone missing. They're all pretty mid-twenties - someone clearly has a type. B..

Inside the Black Horse thumbnail
Inside the Black Horse eAudiobook
Ray Berard / Toby Webster

Pio Morgan is waiting outside a pub on a cold winter's night. There is a debt he must pay and no opt..

Shadow Over Edmund Street thumbnail
Shadow Over Edmund Street eAudiobook
Suzanne Frankham / Toby Webster

Edwina is an old-school battler. Her life revolves around the church and her job unpacking vegetable..

The River Mouth thumbnail
The River Mouth eAudiobook
Karen Herbert / Olivia Beardsley

Ten years ago fifteen-year-old Darren Davies was shot dead at the river mouth. The killer was never ..

Under Dog thumbnail
Under Dog eAudiobook
Kerry Kaya / Annie Aldington

Against his parent's wishes nineteen-year-old Tommy Carter throws away a promising career as a profe..

Top Dog thumbnail
Top Dog eAudiobook
Kerry Kaya / Annie Aldington

Once you're in you're in. There is only one way out.Danny McKay wants out his boss Freddie Smith on ..

Scorned thumbnail
Scorned eAudiobook
Kerry Kaya / Annie Aldington

Spiteful and twisted Bethany Johnson is a woman scorned. After spending the past twenty years exiled..

Reprisal thumbnail
Reprisal eAudiobook
Kerry Kaya / Annie Aldington

Cathy Townsend has it all a loving husband two handsome sons and a lifestyle that many people envy. ..

The Trap thumbnail
The Trap eAudiobook
Evie Hunter / Julie Maisey

Callie Devereux has it all - a successful career a beautiful home and an attentive loving partner. U..