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The Golden Girls' Getaway thumbnail
The Golden Girls' Getaway eAudiobook
Judy Leigh / Phyllida Nash

It has been a long and lonely year for neighbours Vivienne Mary and Gwen. All ladies of a 'certain a..

Sankofa thumbnail
Sankofa eAudiobook
Chibundu Onuzo / Sara Powell

Anna grew up in England with her white mother and knowing very little about her West African father...

The Christmas Bookshop thumbnail
The Christmas Bookshop eAudiobook
Jenny Colgan / Eilidh Beaton

Carmen has always worked in her local department store. So when the building closes its doors for go..

A Very Special Christmas thumbnail
A Very Special Christmas eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Emma Powell

Abigail Beadle has given two decades of her life to caring for her late father and looking after the..

The Saboteurs thumbnail
The Saboteurs eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Jack du Brul / Jeff Harding

Detective Isaac Bell thwarts the attempted assassination of a United States Senator shortly after me..

The Story of Our Secrets thumbnail
The Story of Our Secrets eAudiobook
Shari Low / Helen McAlpine

Colm O’Flynn was loved by his close circle of family and friends however his death came too soon f..

Uncle Gobb and the Green Heads thumbnail
Uncle Gobb and the Green Heads eAudiobook
Michael Rosen / Ben Higgins

Even though Malcolm managed to bamboozle and confuzle Uncle Gobb in the last book (hooray!) it was o..

The Covenant of Genesis thumbnail
The Covenant of Genesis eAudiobook
Andy McDermott / Simon Mattacks

Off the coast of Indonesia archaeologist Nina Wilde makes an explosive find: evidence of a settlemen..

Protector thumbnail
Protector eAudiobook
Conn Iggulden / George Blagden

Themistocles stands as the battle-scarred leader of Athens. Yet he is no nobleman and is distrusted ..

The Library thumbnail
The Library eAudiobook
Bella Osborne / Julia Franklin Harry Lister Smith

Tom is a teenager and blends into the background of life. After a row with his dad and facing an unh..

School Days thumbnail
School Days eAudiobook
Jack Sheffield / Richard Burnip

The year is 1976 and Jack Sheffield never wants to leave his job. Jack has been the deputy head teac..

Ellie The Homesick Puppy thumbnail
Ellie The Homesick Puppy eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Rosie Jones

Megan is really excited about moving. She can't wait to take her lively Golden Labrador puppy Ellie ..

The Puppy Who Couldn't Sleep thumbnail
The Puppy Who Couldn't Sleep eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Rosie Jones

When Lara and her dad discover a scared black puppy in an alleyway while walking their dog Oliver La..

The Children of Swallow Fell thumbnail
The Children of Swallow Fell eAudiobook
Julia Green / Annabel Brook

The world's in trouble. When war comes to the heart of the Italian city where Isabella lives with he..

The Ghost of Gosswater thumbnail
The Ghost of Gosswater eAudiobook
Lucy Strange / Lucy Strange

The Lake District 1899. Twelve-year-old Lady Agatha Asquith is in turmoil. Her father the Earl of Go..