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Sewing Moonlight thumbnail
Sewing Moonlight eAudiobook
Kyle Mewburn / Toby Webster

New Zealand 1928. When Wilhelm Erdinger arrives in the sleepy village of Falters Mill claiming to wa..

The Constant Soldier thumbnail
The Constant Soldier eAudiobook
William Ryan / Seán Barrett

1944. Paul Brandt a German soldier returns wounded and ashamed from the chaos of the Eastern front t..

The Paris Peacemakers thumbnail
The Paris Peacemakers eAudiobook
Flora Johnston / Karen Bartke

As the fragile negotiations of the international Peace Conference get underway typist Stella Rutherf..

The Girl From London thumbnail
The Girl From London eAudiobook
Olivia Spooner / Lucy Scott Julia Kellett Will Close

London 1940. Ruth a young schoolteacher volunteers as an escort helping to evacuate children from wa..

The Book of Secrets thumbnail
The Book of Secrets eAudiobook
Anna Mazzola / Genevieve Gaunt

Rome 1659. Months after the plague has ravaged Rome men are still dying in unnatural numbers and rum..

Kemp: Passage at Arms thumbnail
Kemp: Passage at Arms eAudiobook
Jonathan Lunn writing as Daniel Hall / Jack Michael Stacey

It is 1347 and the French after a crushing defeat at Crécy are licking their wounds while their kin..

The Low Road thumbnail
The Low Road eAudiobook
Katharine Quarmby / Claire Storey

Norfolk 1813. In the quiet Waveney Valley the body of Mary Tyrell is staked through the heart after ..

Alexander's Legacy: Forging Kingdoms thumbnail
Alexander's Legacy: Forging Kingdoms eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

From the shattered empire five kingdoms are emerging. Seleukos triumphant in the capture of Babylon ..

Droits of the Crown thumbnail
Droits of the Crown eAudiobook
David Donachie / John Telfer

John Pearce faces a court martial but will a cowardly chief witness stand up to questioning? With th..

Rebellion thumbnail
Rebellion eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble

AD 60. Britannia is in turmoil. The rebel leader Boudica has tasted victory against a force of tough..

The Tuscan Orphan thumbnail
The Tuscan Orphan eAudiobook
Siobhan Daiko / Stephanie Cannon

1944 - When an air raid strikes the hospital she's been working in Carrie's life irrevocably changes..

Time Travel Twins: The Viking Attack thumbnail
Time Travel Twins: The Viking Attack eAudiobook
Josh Lacey / Peter Kenny

Twins Scarlett and Thomas are studying the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons at school and have a homework pr..

Time Travel Twins: The Roman Invasion thumbnail
Time Travel Twins: The Roman Invasion eAudiobook
Josh Lacey / Peter Kenny

Twins Scarlett and Thomas are learning about the Romans at school. So Grandad uses his time machine ..

Safe thumbnail
Safe eAudiobook
Vanessa Harbour / Candida Gubbins

In the chaotic last days of World War II Jacob and Kizzy are tricked into a life-or-death journey. F..

Child of the Ruins thumbnail
Child of the Ruins eAudiobook
Kate Furnivall / Imogen Church Gloria Sanders

Berlin 1948. World War II has ended and there is supposed to be peace but Russian troops have closed..